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  500 winners
Date : 27/10/2022

You are already 500 winners among us on Deadwin and we are very proud of that!

Thank you for your loyalty.

  End of the works
Date : 14/10/2022

We are happy to announce the end of work on Deadwin, we will finally be able to welcome new users and we really hope that this site will suit you.

Date : 07/10/2022

The news is going well, we have added a multilingual module to internationalize this site and make it even more attractive.

More than 18 games will be present classified in 3 categories: free games / scratch games / cash games with also bonuses but also clan cup each week and monthly contest.

In addition, we have provided a lottery system with an evolving Jackpot in euros.

The slot machine type games also have an evolving Jackpot system in euros.

An auction module will also be present allowing you to bid on lots of lots.

A puzzle module will be present to allow you to collect points for free.

The opening will be done before Halloween, stay informed ;)

  Opening soon of DeadWIN
Date : 30/09/2022

We inform you of the upcoming official opening of the DeadWIN site! We are currently making changes to this online gaming site that we recently acquired. The games on this site were no longer usable due to the disappearance of Flash. The time for us to carry out work so that our new future members can come and play there with complete peace of mind.